Creative and sustainable gifts

Reduce. Reuse. Upcycle

Shopping with GoGiftid means accessing the best eco-sustainable gifts. From one category to the next, every item that we sell is a creative handmade gift for a household that wants to do more with less. Our products meld eco-friendly choices with creativity for a modern fusion unlike anything else in the marketplace.

Our multifaceted products use recycled materials to create upcycled products such as plant holders, glassware, gift sets, and even plantable cards. There is something here for everyone.

Every event deserves a special gift. Our glassware collection provides elegance and unique designs blended seamlessly with eco-friendly practices and practical applications. Our diverse upcycled glassware collections are just what the sustainable shopper will be looking for. We have beer and wine bottle collections. We also have vodka and gin collections for those searching for a recognisable bottle. Our unique upcycled bottles are perfect for birthdays, the holidays, graduation, anniversaries, corporate retreats, and more.
Gifting a client or employee something special is the best way to gain loyalty and appreciation. Make sure the corporate gift is a winner, too. GoGiftid is here to help with professional, high- quality, unique glassware that is just right for every business and client. With lots of variety, it’s easy to find the perfect luxurious eco-friendly gift every time. Allow our collection to be the perfect gift for every corporate shopper looking to impress.

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Handmade gifts as household decorations

Our designs are dedicated to upcycling recycled materials and creating unique home decor. Every GoGiftid product blends artisan craftsmanship with practicality. Perfect for the modern shopper who aims to give unusual handmade gifts that prioritise the right details. From upcycled tableware to biodegradable seed-infused paper goods to decorative and memorable upcycled planters , there is no shortage of creativity. Our products aim to help each household enjoy vibrant, unique, and practical decor.

Unique eco-friendly gifts

Every purchase empowers a positive change in sustainability. Beyond our role as a handmade gifts shop, we also align with partners with eco-conscious focuses. Each GoGiftid purchase provides support for us behind the scenes. It also helps every shopper do their part to repurpose and reuse as many materials as possible. We offer handmade gifts in the UK, USA & other countries for shoppers near and far who want to make a difference.

Handmade unique gifts for every occasion

There is never a bad time to gift sustainability. GoGiftid products are ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, and so much more. Our products are ready to inspire a new generation of dreamers, doers, and gifters. Everything here is high-quality and upcycled. Allow our team of talented artists to add eco-friendly decor to every home.

Green living at its finest

We believe that sustainable gifts are the future. One of the highlights of our catalogue is that each household can integrate green living. For some, it is upcycled glass bottles . Others prefer the seed-infused biodegradable cards that promote eco-friendly living and minimalism. But that’s just scratching the surface. Browse GoGiftid for the next generation of the best eco- sustainable gifts that promote environmentalism through high-end design.