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Unique gin glassware

The Style-Savvy Gin Connoisseur

Putting together the right set of gin glasses is about combining elegance with unique, memorable design. These gin and tonic glasses are real examples of both of those things. This gin glassware is ideal for hosting a dinner party or having some friends over for a few drinks on a Friday night. The gin glasses here will be wonderful as hosting supplies and as gifts for collectors worldwide.


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Special gin glasses

Each of these gin glass sets is made out of a recycled gin bottle. It gets a second life as a truly unique artisan-made gin glass that shoppers and collectors alike will never find elsewhere. Each purchase empowers sustainability and provides unique, special, upcycled gin glasses that will grab eyes and hearts.

One especially thoughtful element of these Bombay Sapphire gin glasses is that being individually designed means that no two are exactly alike in the world. This means that each item is going to be a collector’s item. Great for decoration, practical use, and anything else to show it off in style.

Thoughtful gin gift

This collection is ideal when shopping for the gin lover or glassware collector. These are also wonderful for those who enjoy sustainable glassware with a practical application. As well these are also great conversation starters since many will recognise the Bombay Sapphire design!

The careful design of the set would make many assume that they are delicate, but this is not the case. These are beautiful and lightweight but still designed for real life. For example, they are dishwasher safe. They also are smoothed to perfection so that no one needs to worry about these being created from discarded bottles.

Coloured gin set

The charisma of this set makes it ideal for use in many different situations. It can be a key part of decor for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more. The subtle color and careful sizing of this gin glassware will find a way into every table setting, even where other gin glasses can’t go.

These also will blend with other glassware that you may have, capturing guests’ attention with many well-earned compliments and questions such as “Where did you find these?”

An upcycled gin bottle like no other

This is more than just a Bombay gin glass. This is a set of gin glasses that brings a previously used and discarded bottle into a new life purpose. Narrowing in on these GoGiftid gin glasses is a thoughtful choice when searching specifically for upcycled, sustainable, and cherished gifts for loved ones.

Each purchase of these Bombay gin glasses also means that one less bottle is going into the landfill to waste away. A cool gin glass goes further in what it can do and does for the modern, forward-thinking shopper.