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The Garden Enthusiast

Plants make wonderful gifts for loved ones, and upcycled planters make these gifts even better. These GoGiftid glass planters are thoughtful, eco-friendly, and great examples of sustainable home decor. This glass plant holder gives a second life to an otherwise thrown-away bottle and provides unique decor while it does so.

Regardless of the occasion or event, an eco-friendly planter is a meaningful and thoughtful gift that will be wonderful to give and receive.


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Beautiful glass planters for gifts

Often, table top planters and hanging planters and are neutral so that the plants in them get all the focus.However, GoGiftid planters offer a sense of character that will accentuate both the plant and the planter within it. Everything will show itself in its best light with one of these eco-friendly planters.

We offer hanging planters and tabletop planters so that each shopper can find just the right style for gifting or enjoying as part of home decor. Repurposed planters help make sustainable shopping fun, easy, and beautiful!

Future-friendly upcycled plant pot

By gifting one of our bottle planters, each shopper chooses responsibility and integrity in their shopping. Likewise, each recipient is enjoying elegance, simplicity, and sustainability that is all held in a wonderful planter they can use and enjoy for a long time to come.

Enjoying this planter around the home can also encourage modern thinkers to find other ways to upcycle and reuse items beyond glass planters. This kind of motivation could also be considered a wonderful companion gift.