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Unique sustainable vodka gift

The Vodka lover

Creating the ideal gift for a loved one means thinking outside the box. An ideal shopping spot specifically for a vodka gift, this selection of vodka glasses will provide practicality-infused creativity. This collection puts to use a Grey Goose glass, among other vodka brands. This prevents wastage in landfills and prioritises creativity in table settings.

This is a unique and thoughtful Grey Goose gift if someone around the table is a collector of specialty glassware and vodka-related items.


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Repurposed vodka glasses

Whether hosts use Grey Goose or Absolut Vodka glasses, each repurposed glass provides wonderful, unique serving potential. Platters are sized for appetizers and snacks. The tumblers create the perfect vessel for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The bottle jars also offer a decorative yet practical choice for dressing up a table, a kitchen counter, or anywhere else that needs some charm.

Recognisable Grey Goose glass

One of the many advantages of these unique, artisan-designed glasses is that they are instantly recognisable. Those who are known to enjoy Grey Goose will love the charm of these as much as anything else.

Those who want to decorate every room of their home will enjoy the obvious logos and frosted glass that make them so easily seen and appreciated.

Collectible Grey Goose gift

Anyone searching for sustainable gifts will want to pick up one or more of these upcycled vodka bottles. To really impress that special someone, we recommend grabbing each of these quirky glassware for a full collection.

Every sustainable shopper can think of these and wine bottle glasses,gin glassware,rum glassware ,whisky glassware as collectible items with a side benefit of sustainability and eco-conscious thinking.

Ideal for lovers of Grey Goose Vodka

Dressing up a table means going for special GoGiftid handmade gift items. From artisan craftsmanship to their upcycled role, each choice on this page will give table dressings a much-needed breath of fresh air while doing only positive things for the landfills.