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Upcycled hanging planters

The Fun Gardener

Wall space is at a premium in most homes. Allow our hanging glass planters to add simplicity, greenery, and sustainability to your walls all at once. Our hanging planters are made from upcycled glass bottles and will hold many different types of plants.

These hanging plant pots can be used all on the same wall or spread throughout the room or home for eco-friendly decor in every space. Every home can benefit from GoGiftid hanging pot choices.


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Unique hanging plant pots

When gifting a plant to someone, the pot that is used matters as much as the plant itself. Why not rely on modern hanging planters that prioritise style and eco-friendly principles? GoGiftid planters are artisan-designed and unique from each other. This makes each gift a one-time deal that can make it the perfect piece to make your wall really look its best.

Sustainable hanging glass planters

The best hanging planters are the ones that do more with less. Our bottle planters meet that definition by using simple design to give glass bottles a brand new second life. These can be used with real plants or false plants, so everyone can enjoy a hanging pot however they wish. Eco-friendly decorating is easy with GoGiftid, and the plant within the planter will also be a sustainable choice as a wall decoration.

Gardener-friendly hanging pot

These are wonderful handmade gifts for gardeners who want to do what they can to enjoy a ceiling planter that is still going to meet their decor preferences. Glass hanging planters and table top plant holde are often all designed the same, but ours rely on an artisan approach to keep each hanging pot entirely unique and made just for the lucky recipient. These details will mean even more to the gardener who is looking to add something special to their collection!