About Us

Hey there! I'm Leena, the founder of GoGiftid, where we're all about eco-friendly gifts. It all started as a hobby, where I found joy in repurposing old bottles into beautiful, useful pieces like candle holders and planters.

In April 2024, GoGiftid was honoured to receive the Small Business Sunday award from Theo Paphitis a truly incredible opportunity for our small business and personal growth. It's a privilege to be part of this amazing community and embark on the next chapter of the GoGiftid journey.

At GoGiftid, we're on a mission to redefine gift-giving with eco-friendly creations crafted from discarded bottles. Our passion is to turn one person's trash into another person's treasure, while prioritising authenticity and transparency. From our humble beginnings, we've built a network of creatives, partners, and supporters who share our vision. With over 1,000 sales on Etsy and 300 five-star reviews, GoGiftid is proof that we're changing the way people approach gifting. Join us in giving back and making a meaningful impact with GoGiftid.

Why Choose Us?

At GoGiftid, we're not just about gifts—we're about making moments. With eco-friendly values and endless creativity, we're reshaping the art of gift-giving. Join us and let your gifts tell stories worth sharing. Together, let's make every moment memorable.

Positive Impact

By choosing us, you're contributing to positive change in gift-giving culture and helping to build a brighter future.

Customer Satisfaction

Join over 1,000 satisfied customers who have rated us five stars, knowing that your happiness is our top priority.

Conversation Starters

Our eye-catching designs are sure to spark conversations and bring people together, creating memorable moments.

High Quality with Best Prices

Enjoy the best of both worlds—high-quality, eco-friendly products at prices that won't break the bank.

Perfect for Gifting

From birthdays to weddings, our thoughtful and unique gifts are perfect for every occasion, making them a joy to give and receive.

Wholesale and Corporate Gifting

Catering to wholesale and corporate orders with discounts on bulk purchases, making it easy to spread eco-friendly cheer.