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Special reclaimed wood picture frames

The Photographer

GoGiftid products focus on sustainable materials. Our reclaimed wood picture frames are fine examples of taking what otherwise would be considered scrap and turning it into art. Our unique reclaimed wood picture frames in the UK are carefully designed to bring out the natural facets of the wood while still entertaining the eye.

These reclaimed wood frames are great gifts for photographers, artists, and more. These are a unique choice to replace a more traditional photo frame and help add eco-friendly thinking to every home and every room within it.


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Sentimental wooded frame for gift-giving

When looking to give someone a photo, framing it is always a nice way to add that extra little step. Our artisan-designed upcycled frames can provide that extra little special thing that makes the specially chosen photo really stand out.

When the recipient sees the sustainable gift, they’ll be as happy to see the unique frame as they will be to see the photo that goes with it. This will make wooded frame for gift giving a very special gift, indeed. Plus, the gift helps them see that making positive changes for sustainability doesn’t have to be a hard thing.

Sustainable upcycled frames

An upcycled frame helps reduce waste and helps shoppers find a unique way to use materials that otherwise wouldn’t earn a second look. Our careful designs and artisan-inspired styles will be a thoughtful approach to decorating shelves, tables, desks, window ledges, and anywhere else that needs a bit more sustainability in the form of a photo frame.