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Unique Upcycled Glass Bottles

The Eco-Conscious Glassware Enthusiast

Creating a table to remember focuses on incorporating upcycled glassware into every place setting. Every creation here is an upcycled bottle given a brand-new life. Upcycled glassware can take on many roles, such as water tumblers, serving bowls, and appetizer holders.

No two items here are identical, giving each table a wonderful combination of truly unique, eye- catching decor that can’t be seen elsewhere. This is a fun combination of upcycling waste into decorative yet practical touches for the modern green household.

There is a little bit of everything here. For brand lovers, there are Grey Goose vodka glasses and Bacardi rum glasses. We also have Corona beer glasses for a casual get-together. In and amongst our wine glassware, we also have gin glassware gift sets and Old Monk Rum gift sets for those who want a whole collection.


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Memorable upcycled glassware

Each product here is a fine, high-quality example of upcycled glassware. It is also a picture- perfect example of quirky glassware. Every person who uses these glasses will do their part to waste less and enjoy more.

Thoughtfully designed to have the right capacity for glassware, these upcycled bottles are practical and elegant. The serving trays will infuse personality and originality into every opportunity to dress up the hosting table.

Green glassware set for hosts

Hosting brings joy and excitement to all involved. Every event can do its part to reduce wastage sent to landfills by relying on a green glassware set to explore new uses on every table. Every celebration and dinner event can be made better for the planet by incorporating these upcycled bottles into them.

No longer do modern-thinking hosts have to choose between beautiful table settings and eco- friendly living. These eye-catching examples of GoGiftid sustainable gifts blend together in a harmonious combination that will soon be the talk of the elegant world of hosting glassware.